In 2025, Indonesia is projected to take 52% share of Southeast Asia e-commerce market (Google Study, 2016); as the 12th largest economy in the world with USD15,000 per capita income (MP#I); will have 285 millions of population, 140 millions of middle income population, 95% internet penetration, and 270 millions of internet users. On the other hand, according to Diamandis (2016, in in 2025, the computer capability that equal to humans, the massive and intense application of lockchain technology, the consciousness level of Artificial Intelegence (AI) and so fort.

Telkom University as the leading ICT-based universtiy together with Divisi Digital Sevice (DDS) PT. Telkom Indonesia, and Harbakpostel collaborate in creating the biggest ICT Expo and Digital Business Summit in Bandung and West Java. In the 5th Anniversary Harbakpostel, the Bandung ICT Expo & Digital opportunities of digital technology in changing people, organization, and society in the near future. As Telkom University’s tagline “Creating The Future”, we invite all the stakeholders in defining and visualizing the digital Indonesia 2025 to be recommended to the nation.